Finally, communicating, sharing, and engaging with long-term care staff is easy to do.
For everyone.

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Niuz is for Front-Line Staff

Niuz helps make corporate communications and information more accessible and relatable.

With Niuz, front-line staff from any department can easily find important information, critical documents, recognition, kudos... everything they need whenever and wherever they need it.

Niuz is for Managers

Niuz eliminates bulletin boards, printed memos, and wasted time.

When you've got dozens of staff working shifts spread out across an organization, keeping everyone up-to-date is next to impossible. Niuz solves that problem by giving management the chance to share regularly and easily.

Niuz for Owners/Operators

Niuz helps make executives and business owners more accessible.

Niuz is an engagement and communication platform designed to help management share information with staff, and give staff access to information they need - whether that's in one location or one hundred.

Real-Time Communications

Keep everyone informed in real-time and eliminate printing memos, running around floors, stapling up papers, and hoping everyone sees.

One-tap access to staff docs

Niuz can house all of your internal benefits documents, policies, and payroll - all in one place, making it easy for everyone to find.

Customizable to suit your needs

No two companies operate the same, so we designed Niuz to be flexible and customizable to the way you need it.

Easy to use

Niuz was designed to feel and respond just like a social media feed, with user-friendly menus, controls, and buttons.

Share more than words

Just like social media feeds, Niuz also lets you upload and share photos and memes, giving you even more ways to humanize corporate communications.

Full control and security

Unlike social media, Niuz gives you complete control over who can access, upload, share, and comment on posts and notices.


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