Created to help care staff stay connected, no matter what.

Niuz is a simple, low-cost solution to a challenge everyone faces every day: communicating with the entire team.

Improving your internal communications improves everything.

Think about it: if you don’t know what’s going on at work, you’re going to feel a little stressed out. And asking your manager or peer what’s happening doesn’t always guarantee you’re getting the right information. It’s time to change how you communicate so your staff can start being more productive, more engaged, and more involved in their jobs.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Healthcare has been struggling with staffing shortages for years. Fewer staff means longer shifts and unfair expectations.

“Do more with less.”

And at the height of COVID, that really hit home.

It also forced us to accept the fact that we needed a better way of communicating with teams and staff other than bulletin boards and cell-phone numbers.

We decided to do something about it

So, we went out and asked operators like you what was working, and what wasn’t.

We talked to senior leadership, home administrators, nurses and front-line staff, and multiple other departments.

What we found was a mish-mash of different enterprise-level solutions and mid-market apps that had been forced into use-cases they weren’t designed for, and creating as many challenges as they were solving.

We also found social media platforms being used that left us worrying about vulnerability and exposure.

We knew we could do better.

Improving engagement through communication

We read reports, ran surveys, asked questions, spent time with staff and management, like you, listening and watching.

We realized it all comes down to feeling respected, feeling considered, and feeling heard.

So, we started building an app that would help give everyone in an organization the ability to hear and be heard. To share, to learn, to grow.

An app that leadership can rely upon to easily share resources and information with everyone.

A simple-to-use, social-media-plus-intranet-like experience that didn’t require a corporate email or a corporate firewall to access.

Niuz the employee engagement platform

Why do we call Niuz the “employee engagement platform”?

Because it’s more than just a communication channel.

It’s your intranet-alert-recognition-event-education-onboarding-survey-feedback-HR tool.

Use Niuz to let everybody or only one body know something important – like an outbreak, a loss, a special event or any other timely tidbit.

Use Niuz to share photos, videos, news articles, links to benefits, to payroll, to scheduling and training.

Use Niuz to ask questions, ask for feedback, survey your staff and keep in touch.

Use Niuz to track trends in sentiment and morale, engagement and utilization, empathy and understanding.

How Niuz Works

Dive into the main features of Niuz, from social posts to payroll slips, on mobile and desktop.

Who Uses Niuz

Niuz was designed to improve communications between everyone and across all levels of an organization.

Ready to get started?

Build a stronger culture by improving the ability to communicate across your entire organization.