The employee engagement platform you’ve been waiting for.

Niuz (say ‘news’) was created to increase employee engagement, and improve the efficiency of communications across all levels of an organization.

Enable communications that strengthen culture.

A 2019 Glassdoor survey of over 5,000 workers from around the world showed that 56% of respondents indicated good workplace culture was more important than salary.

Easily publish and unify communications for all

Save time and frustration when needing to send time-sensitive, critical updates to all staff.

Niuz is the easiest way to improve communications within all levels of an organization through a cloud-based, secure, reliable mobile app that doesn’t require a corporate email address or intranet and doesn’t encroach on personal space.

Centralize policies, protocols, and procedural documents

Make finding, accessing, and updating relevant documents easy for all staff.

Add policy documents to ensure accessibility, employee benefits information for access anywhere, and procedure documents to assist with onboarding and training.

Monitor staff engagement, sentiment, and satisfaction with surveys

Stay more in-touch with staff and get in front of issues before they become problems.

With surveys, reports, and dashboards, Niuz helps you identify trends in employee engagement and sentiment, so you can take quick, intentional action.

Proactively promote a healthy, engaged culture

Take an active role in building a stronger, more connected workplace by engaging with staff easily and more frequently.

Recognize, share, comment, listen, learn, and lead the conversation.

Engaged staff feel happier, perform better, are more loyal, and supportive of others.

Ready to get started?

Build a stronger culture by improving the ability to communicate across your entire organization.