Employee Experience vs Employee Engagement – What’s the difference and why it matters.

April 3, 2024 | 3 minute read

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  • Employee experience is the “what” that happens during work hours, where engagement is the “how” the work gets done.
  • Improving employee experience will naturally improve engagement which directly ties back to improving resident satisfaction and outcomes.
  • The employee experience can be elevated with improved communications, a culture of transparency and recognition, and ensuring staff feels like their voice and their time matters.

What is Employee Experience?

Ever wonder what turns a regular day into an “I love my job” day? That’s where employee experience comes in. Think about the entirety journey at your workplace – from the first interview to daily tasks, interactions with colleagues, and even the send-off party when someone retires. Employee experience encompasses every touchpoint you have with your staff. It’s about feeling valued, understood, and supported. It’s the bedrock of a fulfilling work life. And it’s especially crucial in long-term care settings where the emotional stakes are high, both for staff and residents.

How Does Employee Engagement Fit into the Picture?

Now, let’s talk about employee engagement. Think of it as the energy and commitment you bring to your job every day. Are you excited to tackle challenges? Do you feel a sense of pride in what you do? That’s engagement at work. It’s when you’re emotionally and intellectually all in. While employee experience gives you the “what,” engagement is the “how” of your work ethos. It’s a measure of how motivated and invested you are in contributing to your organization’s success. In the context of long-term care, engaged employees are the ones who go the extra mile for residents, ensuring their care and happiness.

Why Should You Care About the Difference?

Understanding the difference between employee experience and engagement is like knowing the ingredients in your favourite meal. It helps you replicate and improve it. By focusing on creating a positive employee experience, organizations can directly influence engagement levels. This is particularly significant in long-term care, where high staff satisfaction and engagement levels are directly linked to better resident care and resident satisfaction. So, when we talk about improving the employee experience, we’re essentially aiming to create a domino effect that leads to increased employee engagement and, consequently, enhanced resident satisfaction.

Source: Argentum & GPTW White Paper, 2019

How Can Improving Employee Experience Boost Employee Engagement?

It all starts with listening. Improving internal communications is a game changer. When staff feel heard and valued, their satisfaction skyrockets, and so does their engagement. Think about it – when you know your opinions matter and see your suggestions come to life, you’re more likely to invest your energy and commitment into your work. Regular feedback, transparent communication, and a culture of appreciation contribute to a positive employee experience, which, in turn, fosters higher engagement. In the realm of long-term care, this means happier staff who are more dedicated to providing the best possible care to residents.

What Does This Mean for Resident Experience?

Here’s where the magic happens. Happy, engaged employees lead to happy residents. It’s a simple equation. When staff members are motivated and feel a strong connection to their work, it reflects in the quality of care they provide. Resident satisfaction hinges on the interactions they have with caregivers every day. If those caregivers are engaged and happy, it significantly impacts the overall atmosphere, making it more positive and conducive to resident wellbeing. Improving employee experience doesn’t just stop at internal benefits; it extends outward, touching every aspect of resident life.

Wrapping It Up

In the heart of long-term care, where every day is about making a difference in someone’s life, understanding and improving employee experience and engagement becomes not just a strategy, but a mission. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel valued and residents feel loved. The journey from improving employee experience to enhancing resident satisfaction is a rewarding one, filled with opportunities for growth, joy, and fulfillment.

So, let’s not just aim for happy staff and happy residents. Let’s make it our promise, our practice, and our pride. Because in the end, the quality of care we provide is the true measure of our success.

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