Email is dead.

The average senior care organization is likely wasting lots of money on never-used email accounts.

How much?

We created this calculator to help you find out.

And yes, we did the research.


Long live email?

In our research and in speaking with senior care providers of all sizes across North America, the amount of money wasted on email accounts is shocking.

For most providers, PSWs represent up to 20% of their workforce, and on average, very few of them ever use the email account created for them.

For some providers, less than half of the rest of their nursing staff use their provided email addresses.

In total, this can add up to between 20-30% of paid email accounts never being used.

This ^ calculator ^ will help you see where you could be saving thousands of dollars per year that you could re-allocate to adopt a better communication platform (Niuz) that does so much more than email ever could.

Is that a shameless plug? Yes, it is.

Is it valid? Yes, it is.

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